Our state-of-the-art service for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids is designed to provide researchers with high-quality DNA and RNA for a wide range of applications. Using cutting-edge techniques, our experienced team ensures efficient isolation and purification, yielding nucleic acid samples of exceptional purity and integrity. Whether you are working with challenging sample types or require large-scale preparations, our service is tailored to meet your specific needs. We prioritize precision and reliability, employing rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the delivery of nucleic acid samples that are ready for downstream applications, including genomics and transcriptomics analyses. Trust us to streamline your research by delivering purified nucleic acids with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.



Our nucleic acid quality control service ensures the accuracy and reliability of your genetic material. Using advanced protocols, we assess the purity, concentration, and integrity of DNA and RNA samples. Our comprehensive analysis, conducted by an experienced team and utilizing cutting-edge instrumentation, guarantees that your nucleic acids meet the highest standards for various molecular biology applications. Proceed with confidence in your research, knowing that our quality control service provides precise assessments for optimal results.



Unlock the secrets within the genome with our genome analysis service. Using advanced sequencing and bioinformatics, we deliver high-throughput analyses, revealing variations and mutations. Whether for disease research or population studies, our streamlined process ensures accurate and meaningful insights from complex genomic data, advancing your research with precision and efficiency.


Delve into advanced NGS sequencing with our Illumina and Nanopore technologies. Illumina ensures high-precision, while Nanopore offers real-time, long-read capabilities. Whether for high-throughput applications or in-depth genome exploration, our service guarantees reliable data generation and comprehensive insights. Choose us for efficient and accurate NGS sequencing tailored to diverse research needs.


 Dive into the intricacies of gene expression through our transcriptome analysis service. Leveraging state-of-the-art RNA sequencing technologies, we deliver precise and high-throughput profiling of RNA molecules. Whether you’re exploring gene regulation, identifying biomarkers, or investigating complex biological processes, our service guarantees a seamless journey from sample preparation to insightful data analysis. Choose us for transcriptome analysis that seamlessly advances your research with accuracy and efficiency.


 Embark on microbial exploration with our   analysis service. Using advanced sequencing, we unveil the genetic diversity within microbial communities. Whether studying the human microbiome or diverse ecosystems, our high-throughput service provides comprehensive insights. From sample collection to bioinformatics, our team ensures precision in unraveling the genetic mysteries of diverse microbial populations, advancing your research efficiently.